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10 dental lab industry insights no one else has

By John Schwartz on June, 29 2018
John Schwartz

Here at LabWorthy, we've sent out over 30,000 NPS surveys to dentists on behalf of our lab customers since 2017 (what's Net Promoter Score and why is it important to your lab?). These surveys have provided crucial data to help labs reduce their churn and improve their customer acquisition rate.

With all of this outstanding data and feedback from dentists, we've recently started employing our new artificial intelligence algorithm to dive into some of the comments dentists left with these NPS surveys to uncover themes. We wanted to share some of these overall industry themes with you. And, as a customer of LabWorthy, you would be able to compare you own responses and themes to these industry themes and more to discover where your lab can focus your attention to have the biggest impact on your business.

Industry NPS Average:
The dental lab industry average NPS score is a healthy 50. NPS is calculated by subtracting the % of Detractors from % of Promoters. This number tells us that on average there are more Promoters than Detractors among dentists. It also serves as a benchmark for your NPS score and lets you know how you are doing against your peers.

Top Positive Themes by Impact:
Here we measure the top themes that are driving Promoters -- each of these themes is used in a positive way to describe labs based on thousands of responses. Basically, these are the things that drive dentists' loyalty to their labs:

  1. Quality of work (average of 8.7 points of positive impact on NPS)
  2. Staff (4.6 NPS)
  3. Turnaround time (0.7 NPS)
  4. Consistency (0.5 NPS)
  5. Aesthetics (0.4 NPS)

Clearly, quality of work and your lab's staff can contribute the most positively to the overall sentiment of your lab when they're associated with a positive experience for a dentist.

Top Negative Themes by Impact:
Here we have the top themes that impact dentist loyalty negatively based on thousands of responses across the industry:

  1. Following instructions (-2.8 NPS)
  2. Removable work (-1.4 NPS)
  3. Contacts and margins (-1.2 NPS)
  4. Crown and bridge work (-0.7 NPS)
  5. Mistakes (-0.6 NPS)

Here we find the impact relatively close between all negative themes, but following instructions is nearly twice as impactful on a low NPS score as the next theme. This tends to be one of the most common complaints when a dentists leaves a low score.

We hope that these industry loyalty insights were interesting and helpful! Our mission is to provide our clients with data and insights they can use to grow.


LabWorthy can help you be competitive in this volatile market. Learn more about our Net Promoter Score tools that will measure your customer loyalty, help you stop losing customers, and turn your happiest customers into your best marketing strategy.



John Schwartz

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