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Dentists overwhelmingly commenting on lab quality of work

By Kevin Stout on August, 24 2018
Kevin Stout

Continuing with our theme of sharing monthly updates from our insights into dentists' feedback on labs, below will be an update from the final results in July. If you're curious about what happened in June, feel free to catch our last update here. And for a more comprehensive look at this feedback theme data generated by our natural language processing AI feature, check out the original post taking a look at what matters most to dentists when they respond about labs

Average NPS is down from June

In July, the average NPS score for our LabWorthy labs was 52, down from 55 in June. As mentioned in the previous June update, we had some newer labs get off to a very strong start with high NPS results in June, so July seems to have leveled back out to closer to our previous average of 51. 


Dentists comments have shifted to quality of work overwhelming as well as turnaround time breaking into the top five for July

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Themes that are sticking out for July in the majority of dentist comments is regarding quality of work and staff. This is the same top two themes as June, but with quality of work moving itself to the top from 19% of the comments to 34%! This is an incredibly large majority of comments being made about quality of work, but, as noted below, quality of work has been a significantly positive indicator of NPS in July. While this tends to be a positive theme, it's important to ensure you're standards for product quality are top-of-mind with dentists making this theme such a significant focus.


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Turnaround time becomes more of an issue in July vs. June

Another interesting note in this top five is that turnaround time has bumped aesthetics out of the top five most common themes from June into July. Similar to last month, turnaround time continues to be a negative impact on NPS and we saw even more negative comments about it as a percentage than we did in June. Dentists continue to find a long wait the most impactful issue to their decision to send in a low score.


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Price inches into the top of negative impacts to NPS

While price tends not to be a major indicator of poor NPS scores, it has shown up as the 2nd largest cause in July. Generally, price has lower than a one-point negative impact on NPS with plenty of other themes that can be focused on significantly ahead of it in dentist feedback. It's worth noting that it showed up in July, but we continue to expect it to be a relatively minor indicator of causing detractors with themes like following instructions, removable work, and contacts and margins to continue to be some of the biggest causes of low scores.


As we've done in the last couple of months, we will continue to follow up with these updated insights monthly. But if you would like to compare your own NPS score and AI-driven themes against the lab industry average, you can discover where your lab should focus its attention to have the biggest impact on your business with LabWorthy.

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Kevin Stout

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