How NPS takes your dental lab’s inbound marketing to the next level

By Kevin Stout on December, 28 2017
Kevin Stout

We’re big fans of inbound marketing. Using high-quality content that answers questions, solves problems, and leads your customers through the buyer’s journey is a smart, modern way to find new customers and build loyalty. And — if you couldn’t tell — we’re also big fans of the net promoter score (NPS). (You can read more about NPS and how it can grow your lab right here.)

But did you know that NPS and inbound marketing can work together to grow your lab faster and more efficiently? Inbound and NPS can exist in a symbiotic relationship. When done well, both flourish. You can use the insights from your NPS to refine your inbound marketing which will, in turn, improve your NPS.

Typical inbound marketing automation is fueled by customer behavior — what pages they’ve visited, forms they’ve filled out, actions they’ve taken to learn more about your company.  But NPS is based on an entirely different data set — how someone feels about your company and the services you provide. A customer can give you hints about what they think about your company with their actions, but with NPS surveys, they’re telling you exactly how they feel about you.

So, how can you use your NPS surveys to better guide your marketing automation?

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Segmentation is everything


NPS gives you a quick and easy way to segment your customers: promoters, passives, and detractors. The content your detractors see from your company should probably be different from the content your promoters see, right?

“...offer your promoters frequent opportunities to share content with their friends and colleagues...”

For example, you can offer your promoters frequent opportunities to share content with their friends and colleagues, follow your lab on social media, or request they leave you a review.

Conversely, you can offer detractors an opportunity to unsubscribe and clear your list of people who are just dragging down your stats anyway. Your unsubscribe page can also be an opportunity to win them back — offer them an opportunity to give you feedback on how your lab could do better.

What about passives? They’re a little trickier. It may take a little bit of trial and error, but the goal is to find out what delights this bunch. Maybe a special offer or a piece of premium content (without making them fill out a form)? Get creative, give it a shot, and be patient.

You can also use your inbound marketing software to create “smart” lists that automatically add a customer into the correct segmented list based on their behavior. This will make your marketing automation more accurate over time.


“Dive deeper into your customer data to identify what makes a zero customer different from a six customer”

A zero detractor and a six detractor are not one in the same

Openview Labs says you should take your segmentation of your detractors even further. Someone who ranks your company at a zero (an almost certain candidate for churn)  is going to be a very different person than the one who ranks your company at a six — someone who could become a passive, or even a promoter, given the right customer service attention.

Dive deeper into your customer data to identify what makes a zero customer different from a six customer, as well as which detractors are of value to your business. Not every customer will be the ideal fit for business, and that’s OK — you can learn a lot from them to help refine your marketing efforts, too. But once you find which detractors are of value, you can take steps to find out what they want or need in order to improve their experience.


Measure, segment, nurture, measure again

Neither NPS nor inbound marketing are magic pills that will transform your business overnight. It’s a constant rinse, refine, repeat process that will only make you better over time:

  • Conduct an NPS survey
  • Segment each respondent into the correct group:
    • Promoter
    • Passive
    • Detractor
      • Your almost-passive detractors
      • Your near-guaranteed churn detractors
    • Nurture each group to meet their needs and delight
      • Promoters:
        • Thank them for being great customers
        • Offer them something special to show your appreciation
        • Ask them to tell their friends and colleagues about how awesome you are
      • Passives:
        • Dig into the data to figure out how to delight them
        • Offer them something special
        • Get creative
      • Detractors:
        • Get in touch and find out how you can do better
        • Offer an unsubscribe option
      • Conduct another NPS survey

It’s certainly not a set-it-and-forget-it solution— it’s a long-term process. But, when done strategically, will lead to long-term, sustainable growth.

LabWorthy can help you be competitive in this volatile market. Learn more about our Net Promoter Score tools that will measure your customer loyalty, help you stop losing customers, and turn your happiest customers into your best marketing strategy.


Kevin Stout

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