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Lab staff and quality of work is top-of-mind for dentists

By Kevin Stout on July, 26 2018
Kevin Stout

In a recent post, we shared some insights we've gathered on what matters most to dentists as they send their feedback to labs via our Net Promoter Score surveys. These themes that have popped up are fluid and change as we add more and more labs who reach more and more dentists (more than 30,000 surveys to date!). Given the shifting nature of this data, we've decided to start sharing a monthly update on what's happening with the feedback we're receiving about labs from dentists.

Average NPS is up!

In June, the average NPS score for our LabWorthy labs was 55, up 5 points from 50 in May! This is primarily due to some new labs joining us in June and starting off strong with their initial surveys. These new labs have a higher NPS than the current dental lab industry average, 51.


Dentists are commenting about staff and quality of work

Top Themes June 2018

Themes that are sticking out last month in the majority of dentist comments on their experience with labs is regarding your staff and the quality of work. Make a mental note to review your customer service practices and maybe do an extra QA check this week to ensure you're producing the best possible quality product.

But while these two themes are at the top of the list in terms of volume, they actually have the highest positive impact on NPS. This means that staff and quality of work are associated with high ratings. See other positive NPS indicators for June below (the number next to them indicates the level of impact that theme had on the average NPS score):

June Positive NPS Impact

So what's driving the negative end of dentist comments in June?


Dentists are commenting about turnaround time and aesthetics in primarily negative reviews in June

June Negative NPS Impact

It looks like deliveries showing up a little late were part of the theme in June as well as negative comments about aesthetics - in particular, "attention to detail" came up as a frequently used phrase. 


We'll be following up with these updated insights monthly. But wouldn't you like to compare your own NPS score and AI-driven themes against the lab industry average? With LabWorthy, you would be able to compare you own survey responses to these industry themes and discover where your lab can focus its attention to have the biggest impact on your business.

Schedule a demo to learn more! 


Kevin Stout

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