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What's New - Automate your follow ups

By Kevin Stout on September, 4 2018
Kevin Stout

Are you struggling to follow up with every single detractor and not taking full advantage of the marketing power that a promoter can give you? We've heard your feedback and in our continuous efforts to help labs, manufacturers, and dentists to close the loop, we've just released our new Smart Sequences features.

What are Smart Sequences?

Smart Sequences are MKRTmetrics' way of helping businesses automate responses in the two most important situations: Detractors and Promoters.

Detractor Sequences

With Detractor Sequences, you can start a "win-back" campaign immediately after a low scoring NPS survey comes in (a score of 1-6).

We acknowledge your customer’s issue with a token of value (ex: Starbuck’s gift card) and sets the stage for a profitable conversation at your earliest opportunity. The immediate response and e-gift card send a signal that your brand is serious about addressing the issue and sets you up for success.

Paired with Detractor Alerts (ask our customer service team if you're unsure how to turn these on), your team will be setup for success to start winning back your customers that had a negative experience.

Promoter Sequences

Promoters (scores of 9-10) are your happiest customers and the most likely to be generating new business for you via word-of-mouth. But how can you amplify the voice of those Promoters while simultaneously start to track the most notoriously hard-to-track type of marketing?

With Promoter Sequences, Promoters will be given the option to recommend friends and colleagues with a special offer from you in exchange for a gift card of their choice. Referred prospects will immediately receive their referral offer and you will have access to the list referred by your promoters for your own future marketing campaigns.

Get a demo of Smart Sequences here:

What else is new?

If you're not using one of our CRM or management software integrations (such as LabStar), you may be slow to add additional names to your NPS survey list by waiting to upload new customers monthly or potentially even longer. Ideally, your customer would receive a survey shortly after their experience with you. Previously, this was only achieved through an integration with your software.

Building out integrations is important to us, but while your software may not yet be integrated or you may not have that type of software, we've released a new feature that will let you manually add a new name to your NPS survey list without a CSV upload.

Simply visit this URL to start taking advantage of it immediately:

We recommend finding a way to work this into your team's workflow to potentially increase response rate by catching your customer soon after their experience has concluded.

Bug Fixes and Adjustments

  • Validation on the referral page
  • Bug fix on Thank You page
  • LabWorthy logo showing on mobile MRKTmetrics Professional site fixed
  • Moved logo on MRKTmetrics Professional survey email to the bottom
  • Updated Graphic for Uploading CSVs
  • Registration flow adjustments

Are you curious about how a new feature works or how you can start taking advantage of Smart Sequences? Schedule a meeting with our customer support team here.


Kevin Stout

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