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What's New - Increase your positive online reviews

By Kevin Stout on September, 26 2018
Kevin Stout

Your Promoters are your happiest customers and should be a focal point in your marketing strategies. But wouldn't it be great if your Promoters were leaving you feedback on online review platforms as well, such as Google Business and Yelp? This common feedback has led us to make this possible in the most recent release to help dentists, labs, and manufacturers to close the loop between MRKTmetrics and reputation management.

Use Promoters to improve your online reviews

Just released over the weekend (9/22/18), MRKTmetrics users now have complete control over the next step in the process for Promoters. Once one of your patients or customers leaves a score of 9 or 10 and any comment associated with it, you can change the destination of the "leave a public review" button to any link of your choosing such as your Google review profile, Yelp, Facebook, or any other destination.

If you're interested in utilizing this feature, just send an email with the link to your customer success rep or setup a meeting to discuss it.


Learn how MRKTmetrics impacts revenue

Are you curious what would happen if you really applied your business or practice to making changes based on the results of your surveys in MRKTmetrics? What if you put processes in place to interact with Detractors quickly and turn your Promoters into your best marketers (or used our Smart Sequences to automate it for you!)? With our new ROI calculator, you can enter a few numbers about your business to see your current revenue projections against what would happen if you saved some of your Detractors from churning and earned some new business through Promoters. Check it out here for MRKTmetrics Professional and here for LabWorthy!


What else is new?

If you've recently gone through our on-boarding process and you're not using one of our integrations to send surveys, you're likely familiar with the process of sending us your initial customer list (CSV) so that we scan it for invalid or likely-to-bounce email addresses. We've just automated this feature so that uploading your CSV to your MRKTmetrics dashboard yourself will complete this list scrubbing for you.

We've also made a slight adjustment to the dashboard based on feedback that now shows the actual numbers related to email metrics as opposed to just percentages.


Are you curious about how a new feature works? Schedule a meeting with our customer support team here.


Kevin Stout

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