How Do I Set-Up my Promoter Sequencing Program?

From concept to implementation, learn how to give your loyal clients the incentive to refer their friends/colleagues to your business.

Please Note: To get this program set-up, please contact Mark Mathias ( so that you register for the program and make the customizations.

step 1 (Lab)

1. This is the survey that your clients are given (above). The promoter sequencing program is for your clients who score your lab a 9 or 10.

Step 2 (lab)

2. Once the survey is completed, your client will have the option to refer your business to their friends and colleagues.

Step 3 & 4 (lab)

3. Please note: Before creating the sequence, the gift card type (Starbucks, Amazon) and amount need to be decided.

4. The client then fills out their full name, and 5 email addresses to receive the gift card.

step 5 & 6

5. Above is the email your clients' friends will receive. Your Lab name and logo will be included in the email as shown.

6. The text "email offer text test" is configurable. Let me know what you'd like for it to say (

Have questions? Ready to get this set-up? Below is also a link to my calendar:

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