How Do I Send Surveys to Clients On My LabStar CRM?

Learn how to connect your LabStar CRM to LabWorthy so that your surveys will automatically send to your clients.

1. In your LabStar CRM, go into settings

2. Click Client > CRM Settings

3. There should be a field in the top left where you can type "LabWorthy", which should autofill or you to click

4. There will be a space for you to enter your LabWorthy username (the email you registered with for you LabWorthy account). Save.

5. The Accounts will be linked

6. IMPORTANT: Surveys are sent to their customers after a lab case has been marked complete in their *LabStar* software

7. Each client will then receive a survey automatically every 30 days after the first.

8. Let me know that you've set this up ( and we will allow permissions to use LabStar on our end.

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