Smart Sequences

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Act Faster

Get immediate results. While NPS tells you how loyal your customers are, taking immediate action makes the difference between gaining or losing customers in the long run.


Detractor to Promoter to Referral

Control the whole customer journey by having a plan of action to move someone from an unhappy customer to a future referrer of your business.

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Save Your Team Time

Making organizational changes to act on NPS is challenging. Let us automate as much of the process as possible to keep your team focused on creating outstanding products and experiences.


Detractor Smart Sequences

According to Harvard Business Review “increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.”

The Detractor Smart Sequence acknowledges your customer’s issue with a token of value (ex: Starbuck’s gift card) and sets the stage for a profitable conversation at your earliest opportunity. The immediate response and e-gift card send a signal that your brand is serious about addressing the issue and sets you up for success.

Your team will also receive a text and email alert when a Detractor is identified -- speeding your response and increasing the odds of a win-back.

Promoter Smart Sequences

Generate prospects via referrals by incentivizing your promoters to spread the word to their colleagues!

Promoters will be given the option to recommend other friends and colleagues with a special offer from you in exchange for a gift card of their choice. Referred prospects will immediately receive their referral offer and you will have access to the list referred by your promoters for your own future marketing campaigns.

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